Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Visiting Parisville

I finished my Parisville purse over a week ago.  I've since been testing it out, carrying it around all over.. figuring out what I liked and what I didn't.  I followed the pattern from One Yard Wonders for the Flouncy Bag designed by Nina Perkins.  I love the shape of this purse!  And the Parisville Fabric from Tula Pink is just perfect for this kind of pretty, feminine bag.  I did make some changes to it including:
  • Used the main fabric for the inside of the strap, instead of ribbon
  • Changed the inside of the bag to include a zippered pocket, cell phone pocket, open top pocket & card pockets, instead of using ribbon loops
  • Added a covered button in coordinating fabric
  • Added a magnetic closure

I think it could use some interfacing around the top band to stabalize it a bit, but at this point I'm done changing it.  I would really have to take it apart to put that in, and I'm just not in a deconstucting mood!  I'd rather spend my time creating.  :-)

Also finished is the Noodlehead Gathered clutch that inspired my pillow!  Also made in Tula Pink's Parisville line, I'll be using this as a matching wallet, instead of my ugly brown one.  I didn't make any changes to it, but I think I should've put in a little zipper pocket on the back for my change.  Now I need to make a change purse!
So glad to have these completed!!

On another note, have you heard about Snowmaggedon?  We had over 10" of snow last night during our blizzard (We were some of the lucky ones!  Other places had 18"+!), and while that's really not that much for around here, it was the blowing & drifting that was horrible!  It led to lots of snow drifts, abandoned cars, and closed highways (I can't remember a time that one of the highways around here was closed due to snow!)  The biggest snow drift we had was in the backyard- and was about 5' high... pretty big, but still small change compared to some others we heard about.  So, stay warm, get snuggly & enjoy some hot cocoa!!

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