Thursday, February 24, 2011


Changes to the blog... The old colors & header were just not feeling right anymore.  The name was fun at the time I picked it, but I think the reference was a bit out there for many people, so I've changed it to something that has meaning for me.  I do hope you like the new look!

Have you seen the Bottled Rainbow Quilt Along yet that Rachel at Stitched in Color is hosting?  It should be a great project, and will go great with this:

It's my first color wheel pillow!  This pillow includes some designer fabrics (Just looking, I see Taylor Made, Hop Scotch, Sanctuary, Farmdale, Amy Butler, Heather Ross, Innocent Crush, Mod), some fabrics that I just had on had, and some fabrics recycled from old kids clothes (My indigo slice is really just 3 different shades of denim). 

I've got a 2nd pillow in the works now, refining the technique.  I still haven't figured out how to piece 12 slices accurately enough to make all of the points match up perfectly.  Any tips or techniques out there for that??

Oh... see that there on the arm of the couch?  That's a little armrest pin cushion, with storage pockets, a place for my hand sewing needles & a scrap bag from this tutorial.  I did opt to put the scrap bad on the opposite side of the organizer (on purpose even!), out of personal preference.  Also, I used dried beans instead of rice, hoping for a little extra weight.

See the little scrap hanging out of the bag?  That's some of Ty Pennington's new fabric.  I used it in this bag for my sister:

I used the home decorator weight, which is so soft.  I really love how this turned out!  I'm looking forward to making more of these!

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