Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Finished apron & shout out to Grandma.

I finally finished this Heather Bailey apron pattern that I won from Don't Call Me Betsy last month!  I love how it turned out. 
The fabric is Blue Darjeeling Tea Garden, by Dena Designs for Free Spirit Fabrics.  The large print on it is perfect for a bigger girl like me.  I do have to admit, I was a little worried about it fitting me- it's been a while since a "large" fit me, but it was just right.  Actually, when I finished sewing it was too large in the chest, and the sides of the halter kinda flapped around.  How in the world did that happen?  Luckily once I washed it, the apron shrunk to the perfect size, so no more awkward side-boob pockets.

Now, I'm not an expert sewist (sew-er?  Because otherwise it looks like sewer, and ew... gross) mind you, in fact, I'm pretty much a beginner.  But there were just a couple little things I'd do differently next time.  The patter calls for the halter to be sewed, then the halter straps to be inserted (same process for the waistband).  I think it would look better if the straps were sewn to the main pieces, then the main pieces sewn.  I could be wrong, it could be impossible to turn right-side out that way, but it was awkward for me to do it this way.  Other than that, the patter was super easy to read, and turned out beautifully!!  Love-it!

Now, a little shout-out to my Grandma, who passed away almost 6 years ago now.  Grandma had many sewing boxes.  Most of them are beautiful, delicate, floral covered baskets, exactly what you would expect a grandma to have.  But, she also had this beast (my current box is behind it):

She was a very well-off woman.  Really, she could've bought the sewing box of her dreams  But I love that
she had this, and kept and used it.  The top is cracked, and the main part of the box is a very groovy avocado green.  I found this at my mom's house when I was in desperate need for some brown thread.  I looked in (no kidding) 5 other sewing boxes before finally finding this one.  At the very bottom of the box, still in the packaging, was this:

It's a horrible photo, but it is the perfect shade of brown to match the coat zipper that I was fixing!  At the time it felt very much like she bought it just for me and left it there waiting.  I just about cried when I found it.  In addition, was the perfect thread to match the apron above, and these:

How cool is that?!?  Also in the box were some crazy Christmas applique cut-out fabrics.  It just so happened that I mentioned some of these would be perfect for an ugly Christmas sweater party within an hour of finding them.  So, I want to say thank you to my grandma.  It may be silly, but finding the threads and appliques all when needed just seems to be a little sign from her that maybe, just maybe I'm on the right path here.  It kinda feels like Mary Poppins magic carpet bag, that just happens to have everything that I need in it.  I will be hanging on to this for a very, very long time.


  1. I'm so glad to hear that you liked the pattern - I definitely like the final result! Good job!!! :)

  2. I love the apron! It looks fantastic and the pattern is lovely. You did a wonderful job there, pretty lady. ;)

    I also love that your grandma was there for you when you needed her even though she's been gone for six years. That thread was definitely just for you! (along with some other wonderful goodies)

    Thanks for sharing!