Monday, November 1, 2010


Did you have a great Halloween? 

Ours was pretty good- a trip to "The Eye-Ball House" (complete with haunted walk-way up to the mad scientist with a corpse's abdomen full of candy) during Saturday night Trick-or-Treating...

Candy is overflowing orange plastic buckets and children are begging to help alleviate that problem.  ;-)

Last night before bed Tommy and Maya were sorting their candy on their blankets.  How funny!  I don't ever remember sorting it, but I do remember trading candy with my little brother.  I was so bummed when he was old enough to realize that I was trading those crappy peanut butter taffy candies for the coveted Reese's Peanut Butter Cups or Snickers.

Speaking of Tommy, he's home sick today- cough, stuffy nose, and I'm about 99% sure that he's got an ear infection.  Poor little guy.  Thanks to the medicine I gave him this morning, he's feeling well enough to play with some Play Doh with his baby sister, but that will only last a little longer.  He just has to last until later this afternoon when we go to the doctor.  (PS- before I even got finished with this post they were fighting with each other, and now Tommy has somehow bonked her with the broom handle while he was sweeping up Play Doh crumbs!)

Can you believe it's November already??  We've been really spoiled here in Wisconsin with a warmer than usual Autumn.  October was pretty gorgeous for nearly the entire month.  Today our weatherman reminded us that while November here normally starts off with highs in the mid-50's, by the end of the month highs will be in the high 30's.  Gah- I'm shivering just thinking of it. 

Enough of cold weather talk though!  I'm participating in Lisa Clarke's Month of Gratitude.  So, I have to remember to bring my camera around with me!  I hope I can keep up.  Check out the details here.  I have to say- she's got to be my favorite blogger.  I love her mix of crafting, photography, baking & cooking, and family.  Join in!

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