Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April "Inspire" do. Good Stitches Blocks

I'm back! We've moved, and things are crazy... but I had to make sure that I set aside time to complete my 2 blocks for the "Inspire" do. Good Stitches quilt for April! I couldn't screw up my first month in the group for heaven's sakes!

"Inspire" April Quilt Block

Holly from Bijou Lovely put together a wonderful tutorial for a herringbone quilt block.

Block 2

If it were not for my poor ruler-reading skillz, I would have gotten the blocks done perfectly on the first go-around. But, alas, I thought my 6.5" ruler was only a 6" ruler, and proceeded to add on the extra half inch. But, hey, now I get an extra herringbone block for myself! Maya has already claimed it for her room- she wants it framed. Sweet girl.

April "Inspire" do. Good Stitches Blocks

Speaking of sweet girl, Miss Maya wanted very badly to sew with her mommy today.  So, I set up a card table next to the desk. 

Maya Sewing

By the way- did Mother Nature miss the memo that it's April now?  I mean, we're a good 1/3 of the way through Spring, and it is snowing here.  And not just a little snow:

Where we SHOULD be grilling right now.
 Snow in April

In fact, we had a Winter Weather Advisory today!  I think that should be absolutely outlawed.  It is most certainly ridiculous.  Also ridiculous is my dog, Bonesy's snoring right now!  Holy crow!!

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