Sunday, October 17, 2010


Saturday is our fun day.  We made a visit to the library in the morning, dropping off old books, picking up new. 

We came home for a quick lunch, put Mrs. Boss down for a nap.  The hubs and I may have taken a nap ourselves... our were we just resting our eyes??  When the kids were ready to go, we grabbed our backpack and hit the trails down at the park.  All of us have really been enjoying some geo-caching lately. 

Ms. Artsy enjoys the journey of it, hiking, climbing over big rocks, trudging through tall grass, hopping over logs across the path. 

The Bowling Ball & Mrs Boss like the destination-- receiving a prize when they find the cache, searching for the little or not so little box that you know you're close to, but just can't quite see it. 

The hubs & I just like spending the time out and about with them.  You never know just how long they'll enjoy that time with you.  And with Ms. Artsy going on 10 in a few days, time just seems to be flying by...

PS.  Ms. Artsy and I may or may not have stepped slipped into the river while trying to cross some rocks looking for a very well-hidden cache... Just saying.

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